September 24, 2008

So close, Yet so far...

I was prepared to sit here and type how cool the Blackerry Bold was, and how all the I-phone brainwashed followers need to get off Steve Jobs d**k; but it looks like that will have to wait.
Today I came home to find a lovely package awaiting my arrival. Could this be? After many months of waiting for its release & 4 weeks of checking the mail after placing my order with the lovely Pamela at Rogers; could this be the sacred item I have been waiting for?
Not much time was wasted opening the package to find...

Insert classic Hallelujah hymn here.

After a few pics for the blog, I hunker down in front of the computer preparing for the not so difficult task of transferring all info from my curve to the precious Bold. As I unpack everything, I take the time to read the few pamphlets that arrive with the PDA. It records video? Nice! Compatable with I-tunes? Cool! Wi-Fi? Awsome!!! Hey its bigger than the curve! Oh well, nobody's perfect..
Let me plug this sucker in.. and get some juice in it..

Hmmm it doesn't seem to have any power... No biggie. I'll let it charge for a bit. So I wander off to take care of some other chores, grab some dinner and make my way back to a black, iconless screen.. Why isn't this thing have any power?
Well when all else fails take the battery out; wait a few seconds and try agin... Nothing. What The F*X*?

Finally I admit defeat and have no idea what is wrong with this newly aqcuired paperweight. I grab the phone and call the Rogers customer support hotline. After the standard security questions, we dive into the problem.
Justin, my trusty Rogers sidekick on this adventure advises me to wiggle the cord.. Hmm not th emost tech savvy response I've ever heard.. We laugh about it and I follow his advice.. Still nothing.. Then Justin asks if I have tried to remove the battery and try again. I chuckle and admit that this step has been done at LEAST 10 times in the past 10 minutes before I called him.
"Well sir, you have a defective unit; I'll put you through to Data customer care and they will make arrangements to send you a new one" Justin explains to me while assuring me that I will have another bold shortly.
ARGH!!!! So close yet oh so far from being one step closer to keeping up with the Jones' and their over hyped I-phones.. Which suddenly doesn't seem so bad now...
Stay tuned..

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