September 25, 2008

RIP Yankee Stadium

With the Yankees not making this years playoffs, September 21st was the last baseball game to ever be played at Yankee Stadium.
Opened in 1923, the stadium has been a landmark not only in the baseball community, but of New York & is recognized worldwide.
The stadium has hosted 37 World Series, 4 MLB All-Star games, 4 Pope visits & a variety of concerts & events.
The numerous traditions of Yankee Stadium will hopefully transfer to the new Yankee Stadium
Being the baseball & LEGO fan that I am, I found this to be a touching tribute to "The House That Ruth Built"

Lego Artist Sean Keeney spent three years building a 60" x 66" x 14" replica (1:150 scale) using 45,700 bricks of Lego in this amazing tribute to Yankee Stadium.

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