September 23, 2008

Christian Bale & Common in Terminator Salvation

Set for release on May 29, 2009; Terminator Salvation is the 4th film in the Terminator series.
The film will be directed by Joseph McGinty Nichol and will star current Batman star, Christian Bale (aka my favorite American Psycho), Helena Bonham Carter & Common. Yes; that is not a typo: Common.
Common's filmography is becoming quite stacked these days and with his inclusion in this film it only means he is going to have more roles coming his way.
The film, set in 2018, focuses on the original war between humanity and the Terminator computer network Skynet.
In other Common news, Don't forget that he & N.E.R.D. will be in Montreal at Metropolis on September 29th. visit GEG for more show info

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