August 20, 2012

Best Night Ever...

August 10th, 2012. psychology was invited to take part in Tea With The Queen; Oakley's end of Olympics celebration with Oakley athletes, staff, friends, VIPs, etc. Invite only.

Music was provided by The Faders, Wally Lopez and your boy blue, aka psychology. The Faders warmed up the crowd along with psychology in the main room, setting up the night for Wally Lopez; which was cool. People starting to dance and have fun.. Wally Lopez then took over for the fist pumpers and did his thing in the main room.

Meanwhile, psychology gathered his things and headed to the side room, where the air was thick and for some reason so was the crowd. The theme of the room was all things UK, so psychology felt it was necessary to start off his 2nd set in the same fashion.. Cue the record needle onto Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody.

From the moment Freddie Mercury's voice echoed through the sweatbox of a hall; the crowd followed psychology on one sweaty audio journey. Yelling, dancing, sweating to every song he dropped. Olympic Medals were being flashed everywhere you turned! A rowing silver medal even ended up around the neck of psychology during his set..

For 2 hours, psychology & everyone in attendance did not stop partying and celebrating the end of their Olympic journeys.

No words can describe the energy in that room.

I don't say this often but... you had to be there!

psychology was able to catch some highlights of that night for your listening pleasure. Listen, enjoy and see you in Rio...

Thank you to Oakley, Supajam, Pioneer DJ, and everyone who attended Tea With The Queen.

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