August 26, 2010

Mama Said Knock You Out celebrates its 20th anniversary

August 27th marks the 20th anniversary of the release of LL Cool J's 4th studio album, Mama Said Knock You Out.

The album spawned four hit singles: The Boomin' System; Around the Way Girl; 6 Minutes Of Pleasure & the hard-hitting title track, which to this day is STILL one of the most hard hitting Hip Hop songs released(When Bob Dylan recites a verse from MSKYO, you know it's a classic).

Although LL specifically tells us, "Don't Call It A Comeback!"; MSKYO was made as a comeback album after the critically disapointing Walking With A Panther. The album helped restore LL's reputation as a hip hop icon. In 1998, it was listed in The Source's 100 Best Rap Albums

To help celebrate the anniversary of MSKYO, which is also my personal favorite album from LL, psychology digs in the archives and blows the dust off a classic edition of DITR.

Tune in to K103 radio tonight (Aug. 26) at mdinight for The Diamond In The Rough: The LL Cool J Session.

Download The Diamond In The Rough: The LL Cool J Session HERE

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