January 13, 2010

Darth Vader ZX8000 and Stormtrooper Superskate Mid

2010 starts strong for Adidas as they release the first 2 shoes of the Adidas x Star Wars series.
Thanks to Josh at Adidas, psychology gets hooked up with the Darth Vader ZX8000 & the Stormtrooper Superskate Mid.

Darth Vader ZX8000

The ZX8000 is the model chosen to represent the most iconic villians in movie history, Darth Vader. All black of course...

Some clever placement of logos & icons

If Darth Vader was wearing kicks while dueling with Luke Skywalker, this would have been the shoe of choice.

Stormtrooper Superskate Mid

Adidas choses the Superskate Mid as the model to best represent the Empire's Stormtroopers.

Stromtrooper helmet featured on the tongue

More shoes to follow in the Adidas x Star Wars series over the next few months; including the Yoda ZX700 & the Luke Skywalker Top Ten.

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