September 29, 2008

Common / N*E*R*D* Concert at Metropolis

Common & N*E*R*D take the stage in Montreal at Metropolis tonight. This marks the 3rd return of N*E*R*D to Montreal in less than 6 months; and Common's first visit to Montreal since his last stop here prior to the release of Be. Tickets are still available.
Now as always, there is an added bonus to reading about the upcoming show here on SSS77.... Being the Common fan that psychology is, there is definatelty a DITR session that focuses on the Chicago MC. See the links below. Download, listen & enjoy.
Common's new album, Universal Mind Control is slated for release on November 11th
See you at the show.


Spaz by N*E*R*D

UMC(snippet)by Common


Unknown said...

Any pics or vids?

psychology said...

I have some NERD video I will post on my Youtube page shortly.