August 14, 2008

psychology & New Money in Philadelphia, PA

This past weekend I had the honor of travelling down to the birthplace of the US Constitution; Philadelphia, PA. Our Philly brother, DJ Excel lined up a few gigs for the Canadian Boys and we were happy to come down & experience Some Philly flavor..

After a LONG 11 hour drive, which included a few wrong turns (if any GPS company feels like sponsoring psychology; HOLLA!!!) we finally arrived in Philadelphia in time to hit a grab some food & hit a few shops...

Thankfully, we had a few DVDs to kill time on the way down & back. If you are looking for more than a few good laughs; pick up Season 1 & 2 of FX's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Yeah I did the theme thing on the way to & from Philly.. It was cool to point out places we had been in the show on the way back..)

Lunch consisted of a much talked about dish, but never experienced: chicken & waffles at Stephen Starr's Jones. I'm not gonna lie, I may not like a lot of fried food; but this dish certainly hit the spot..

Then Excel gave us the philly Tour passing by the liberty Bell, the new Comcast building (which has a hi-definition video wall standing 83.3' wide by 25.4' high in its lower lobby!!!!), Broad Street & a few other Philadelphia attractions..

We hit Philly's famous, South Street and a few key skate & sneaker shops: WTHN, Exit, Nocturnal; just to name a few.. And the dudes running these shops are friendly and very welcoming to out of towners like myself & New Money..

Shout out to the boys at Nocturnal...

Time was running thin so we ran back for a quick shower then split up to conquer Philly on our first night.
New Money DJ'd a private birthday party and had the crowd dancing and dropping Sake bombs all night.
psychology tagged up with Excel and hit Fuzion. We had fun going back & forth on the tables and just chatting about music, sports, life.. It's always a learning experience to see Excel spin!!! And it was defiantely a pleasure to see the crowd go bananas when I dropped Philly Native, Freeway's Flipside!!!

The next morning after being locked out of my weekend residence & crashing on Excel's couch (Yeah New Money, I blame you!!!!) and a small unintentional detour through West Philadelphia, we hit Cracker Barrel for a power breakfast (at 2pm) which consisted of the DOPEST apple Cider I have ever had.. And New Money finally got a chocolate Milkshake after a 2 day search...

Then it was off to check out a few more stores including one of the coolest shops I've seen and had the pleasure of walking into, Ubiq, which also was the home of Stussy Philadelphia (Mad shout out to Davee for his generosity)

Our last stop was at Exit where I finally found a pair of P-Rod Highs, ending my latest shoe quest.. These are so dope..

For dinner on our 2nd night in Philly we hit Pod and enjoyed some refreshing beverages (even though I paid for that round, the posse sure made it tough on a non-drinker to order)and a great meal, including my favorite: sashimi & sushi rolls. The 3 DJs (Excel, New Money & psychology) even invented the Philly Cheesesteak sushi roll (seen below).

If this ends ups on the menu, we will look in the mail for our royalty cheque :)

After dinner it was time to hit Denim, where New Money, Excel & psychology all dropped sets and had bodies dancing & drinks flowing.. The party was small but that didn't seem to stop the crowd from enjoying the music by a couple Canucks and their resident DJ (and an excellent tour guide, I must say).. Quality over Quantity!!!

The last stop of the night was the world famous Genos... After what must have been a 45 minute argument on how to order properly or not get served at all (a la Seinfeld's Soup Nazi), we finally hit the order window and succesfully placed our orders for our late night snacks.

A few laughs; an AMAZING Philly cheese steak sandwich; a quick hand shake with Geno and that was the end of our 2nd & final day in Philly.
The next morning we hit the road and headed back home to Montreal, tired but content on a succesful & fun weekend in the city of brotherly love..
(oh, and the drive back only took the 8 hours... much better...)

A BIG thank you to Drew (The Mayor) Carballo; Dave Blair; the staff(s) at WTHN, Exit & Nocturnal; the Chef at Pod (for dealing with our creation); and finally DJ Excel (You were a great host and an amazing spokesperson for your city.. Can't wait to see you again Dude!!!)

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