November 19, 2010

The Diamond In The Rough: The Kanye West Orientation

I have been lucky enough to get my hands on an advance copy of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, which hits stores on November 22nd, and I am completely blown away. This album is a sonic masterpiece!!

I don't want to give anything away, but this album is worth waiting for your favorite record store to open and get your copy. Or log on to iTunes as soon as you get out of bed on Monday..

The deluxe edition will include a DVD copy of the short film, Runaway.

Continuing the countdown to the release of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, here is a 2 part mix created in anticipation of the release of Late Registration.

Part 1 focuses on the production of Kanye West. The genius production of Kanye West, is what put him on the map..

The second part of DITR: The Kanye West Orientation, takes a look at Kanye West, The MC/poet. A lot of people turned Kanye Down before he found a label who believed in him. Now he is one of the most prominent MCs in the game..

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