August 13, 2010

K-Os: The Anchorman Mixtape

So rumor has it that K-Os is done making albums; but isn't finished making music... Enter The Anchorman Mixtape. Featuring new tracks and snippets from Will Ferrell's hit film of the same title.

The Anchorman Mixtape features collabs with Drake, Sebastien “Sir Bastard” Grainger, and Saukrates.


1. Start Me Up

2. SheClipse

3. Faith Feat. Drake

4. Big City

5. BlackWater Feat. Sebastien Grainger

6. Holy Cow

7. The Lonely Ones

8. Beauty Is A Loaded Gun

9. I Wish I Could Believe

10. Dance In Your Car

Download The Anchorman Mixtape HERE.

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