July 22, 2010

The return of the Air Max 90 Infrared

Every few years the air max 90 infrared gets reissued and even after all these years, since the original drop, this shoe is still a must have for any sneakerhead, to the moderate shoe fan. Even the ladies love having this kick as a good mix between sexy & comfy...

The Air Max 90 Infrared is already in stores in Europe, but here in North America, most shops will be dropping the shoe this weekend.

Justine Jaro shows how sexy this shoe can be, but buying these shoes does not automatically make you a hit with the ladies..
But it can break the ice; IF you got the right game...

I'm not sure which is sexier; Justene or the shoe...

Let's call it a tie..

Here's a behind the scenes peek at the photoshoot with Justene Jaro.

Check out more images from the Primitive x Justene Jaro photoshoot & some Q&As HERE.

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