July 19, 2010

Lindsay Lohan on the cover of Complex (August/September 2010 edition)

Today (July 20), Lindsay Lohan begins here 90 jail term. As many office betting pools argue on how long she'll stay in jail, or what shenanigans will she get up to while behind bars, Complex magazine puts her on the front of the August/September 2010 edition.

Here's what Complex had to say about Li-Lo and her cover spread:
Lindsay Lohan has had a crazy couple of years, and we found ourselves at the center of her personal drama after our August/September cover shoot ended up in the tabloids back in May. Fast forward a couple of manic months, and her legal woes are coming to a head (LL reports to prison tomorrow), so we consider ourselves lucky to be able to present this super-sexy photoshoot just to remind everyone of just how bad (meaning good!) Lindsay is. [...] Unfortunately, Lindsay got caught up in the madness—Cannes, court, and conviction—before we had a chance to interview her, so we instead used the cover story to ask the question everyone’s forgetting: what’s it like to be LiLo right now?”

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