March 17, 2010

Motivation 3

It had been a while since I checked out Mick Boogie's website or even chatted with the dude (we fixed that over the weekend via twitter). After a few minutes of surfing his site I came across the 3rd installment of the Motivation Mixtape series. I was a fan of the first 2, so without hesitating I downloaded the mix & quickly threw it on a USB key to listen to in the truck.
As always, Mick does not disapoint. he, Benzi & D-Star do a great job putting together a party rocking CD that makes you want to boogie from the moment you press play.
I have had the pleasure of spending some time with Mick & dude is mad humble, not to mention one of the nicest dudes I have met in this industry.. Plus his DJ skills are on point!!!
Download Motivation 3 for some clever blends and booy shakin beats.

Bonus: Mick Boogie's Viva La Hova mixtape combining Coldplay & Jay-Z

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