January 6, 2010

The 10 greatest goals of the last decade

Yahoo Sports did a bunch of Hockey top 10 lists. Here is there list of the greatest goals from the last decade.

10. Blake Wheeler does it all himself (Dec. 21, 2008)
Wheeler Goes in 1-4 and makes everyone look stupid.

9. Evan Trupp swings and hits overtime winner (Feb. 1, 2008)
Evan Trupp Bats this one out of the air

8. Antoine Vermette's between-the-legs dandy (Dec. 2, 2006)
Highlight Reel material right here..

7. Maxim Afinogenov twirls his way around John Grahame(Nov. 22, 2003)

6. Alex Ovechkin makes things happen by himself (Feb. 18, 2009)
I saw this happen live on my TV and I nearly called everyone i knew to watch Ovi make the Habs look like a unch of rookies..

5. John Tavares hand-eye coordination works magic (Dec. 23, 2008)
Who says Lacrosse skils don't come in handy?

4. Jonathan Toews introduces himself to the NHL (Oct. 19, 2007)
A prefect example of why this game is so exciting to watch.

3. Peter Forsberg needs no help at all (Jan. 31, 2003)
Forsberg going for dolo..

2. Rick Nash undresses Coyotes defense, wins game (Jan. 17, 2008)
This goal got Rick Nash the cover of NHL 2K9

1. Alex Ovechkin scores what's simply referred to as "The Goal" (Jan. 16, 2006)
Simply Gr8. Nobody scores like Alex..

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