December 29, 2009

Various psychology mixes for your NYE house parties

Throwing or going to a New Year's Eve House Party? Or spending the New Year with family and/or friends?
Need some music to set a good mood? Fear not, your boy Blue (aka psychology), saves the day agin with more mixes than you can shake a stick at...

Simply download, pop onto your computer/ i-pod / stereo
& dance the night away.

Enjoy & Happy New Year.

The Sona Sessions: This is a mix done in 2002, at the MTL afterhours mecca, Sona. This is deep in the archives & is almost 3 hours of non stop hip hop/R&B

Wasabi (November 7, 2009): The Wasabi mixes are live recordings of psychology's residency gig on Saturday Nights at Tokyo. Hip Hop, House, Electro, rock.. A lil' bit of everything (plus an idea of what its like to hear psychology live). Recorded on November 7th, 2009.

Wasabi(Sept. 26, 2009): Live from Tokyo Bar on Sept. 26, 2009.

Wasabi(November 21, 2009): Live from Tokyo Bar on November 21st, 2009.

The Diamond In The Rough: The James Brown Tribute psychology's tribute to the hardest working man in showbiz. You parents, aunts & uncles will love this one.. Not to mention anyone who actually knows their hip hop sampling..

The Diamond In The Rough: The Timbaland Session James Brown was for the more mature guests at your party. Tis one is for the tweens & young adults who love Timbo beats...

Wasabi(October 24, 2009): Live from Tokyo Bar on October 24th, 2009.

Wasabi(September 12, 2009): Live from Tokyo Bar on Sept. 12, 2009.

The Diamond In The Rough: Episode 145: psychology's last edition of DITR that wasn't a session dedicated to a particular artist. Lots of heat on this mix..

The Diamond In The Rough: The New Jack Swing Session: psychology pays tribute to Teddy Riley & the genre of music he pioneered; New Jack Swing.

The Diamond In The Rough: The Jay-Z Blueprint Session: All Hova for 60 minutes..

The Diamond In The Rough: The Michael Jackson Tribute: This year we lost the King of Pop & some of us are stil mourning. psychology's tribute was made for the 25th anniversary of Thriller & was dug out of the archives in late June, when MJ Passed. We miss you Michael.

The Diamond In The Rough: The Eminem Session Eminem came back this year with a new album & psychology was part of the build up to the release of Relapse with this 60 minute mix of Marshall Mathers tracks

Decks In The City: a classic mix of psychology that never gets old.

Over 15 hours of music to download & choose from for your NYE celebrations. Enjoy!!!!

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