October 2, 2008

Checkin' My Fresh; Checka, Checkin' My Fresh...

A busy week last week in the wardrobe department.
A Thursday afternoon visit to 12 Ounce (Canadian distributor of Crooks & Castles, TBG, Rocksmith, etc) resulted in some fresh gear for the the fall season. Thanks guys..

C&C t-shirt. Mira (aka Syntax)took me on a tour of their screening facilities & I had the opportunity to see this tee actually get produced. Quite the process... Plus it matches my Jordan DTRTs

Rocksmith crew neck. Tribute to Kid N Play. "Anything you can do, I can do better.."

TBG hoody. Jim Crow appears for the 2nd Season. I have no idea why I dig this little guy.

Rocksmith tee. I HAD to wear this to the Common concert.

Crooks button up. For those days when I just feel like on of the Boyz In The Hood.

C&C button up. Thanks to shirts like this I can go be mature & still have swagger..

C&C tee. Red t-shirts are alwyas dope..

C&C v-neck. Now I can get my St-Laurent street, white v-neck game on.. I even took it in medium. Thankfully its not a deep v..

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