July 14, 2008

Nas: Untitled album in stores this Tuesday. psychology DITR - The Nas Session

Originally titled Nigger, the latest album from Queensbridge MC, Nas, hits stores this Tuesday. Having personally listened to an advance of the album, this album is one of 2008's gems /must have albums. I can't see any strong commercial hits coming off this album, but Nas has delivered a QUALITY album. Something that happens rarely these days.
Strong lyrics and clever wordplay reign over catchy hooks on Untitled. A variety of producers are featured as Nas puts out on of the strongest hip hop albums in the past few years.

Buy / download.. Whatever... Just get this album and listen.. And I mean listen!!! Don't play in the car while driving.. Put on a pair of headphones & listen!!!

And to prepare you for Nas' latest masterpiece, peep psychology's DITR - The Nas Session. Loved by listeners, DJ L.E.S. & Nas himself..

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