February 14, 2008

WRG x Black History Month project

WHAT’S REALLY GOOD? Lifestyled Media, in its fourth successful year online, announces the launch of The Black History Month Project, with the goal of furthering education about black history and skateboarding.

During the month of February, WHAT’S REALLY GOOD? will honour Black History Month by featuring some of the black skateboarders that have paved the way for others to pursue their dreams, in a crossword puzzle.

The Black History Month Project revolves around this crossword puzzle—featured on the website and on the exclusive skateboard. Based on clues, the challenge is to fill in the names of the twenty featured skateboarders in the crossword puzzle, furthering education about black history and skateboarding. The skateboarders that make up the answers to the puzzle inspired, motivated, and persevered through criticism, mockery, abuse, breaking down stereotypes and barriers and paving the way for future generations.

Only 100 skateboards will be created, in collaboration with Series Skateboards, and the package includes a limited edition silver Sharpie and poster. The crossword can be filled out online, on the skateboard and on the poster.

"I hope that this project encourages everyone to learn more about black history and skateboarding. Black history is not only a black thing. It’s important for people to know, understand and discuss all cultures. It's discussion and learning that will lead to acceptance and the end of racism,” Leslie Woods, Founder and Operator of What’s Really Good? says.

To help close out Black History Month, the skateboard will also be showcased alongside curated artworks revolving around skateboarding and black history, including photos, paintings, multimedia and installations, at Tokyo Night Club in Montreal, Canada on February 28th, 2007. Featuring local and international contributors

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