January 5, 2008

Popping My Blog Cherry

So this is it.... psychology has a blog. So where to go from here? Write about music? Shoes? The Presidential race?

How about like psychology, there are no rules to the blog? Isn't that the point of these things anyway? To voice your viewpoints & opinions?
I can't promise the most intriguing blog or a blog that will follow a set schedule, but I can promise that you will get to know psychology a little bit better through the words and links on this page.
So why not get things started with a tribute to James Brown. The hardest working man in show biz.
James Brown passed away on Christmas, 2006. He left a legacy that can never be repeated. He was the Godfather of Soul and the catalyst for SOOOO many hip hop samples. Upon hearing of his passing, I thought it would only be right to put a tribute session together so that old fans can remember and new fans can learn how great James Brown really was.
So here it is. psychology's James Brown Tribute.


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